Airbed Lifestyle Options

Here are some situations where an Air Bed really shines. Perhaps one of them sounds familiar to you.

Single Female Renting.

She needs a bed that offers a good sleep. Number of times she may relocate her residency.

An Air Bed offers from soft to firm sleep comfort. The bed can be dismantled in ten minutes and transported in a small car. With an innerspring she would need two men and a truck.


He owns a ute. Works hard from sunrise to sunset. Requires a firm bed, but has the option to soften the sleeping surfaces if he wishes.

When the job contract is finished, he needs to pack his bed, belonging and moved on to the next location.

The Air Bed allows the jackaroo both a perfect night sleep and, when ready to move on, within 10 minutes has packed the air bed in his ute.

A couple with a weight difference

Rather than having to compromise on a bed that one partner may feel comfortable but not the other.

The Air bed allows both people the luxury of adjusting the firmness to their preference.

Caravans / Holiday Home

You and your partner have retired and looking forward to traveling around Australia.

You have selected the mode of transport but it comes with foam mattress that you know will not give you the sleep you're after.

Install an Air bed and each of you will enjoy the soft or firm mattress you are accustom to.

Asthma Suffers

You have been told many times about the millions of dust mites living in your bed. You have thought of a waterbed but because you still rent have put purchasing a waterbed on hold.

Introducing the Air Bed that features vulcanizes rubber bladders - No More Dust Mites.