In 1987 Air Beds were introduced by a Waterbed Manufacturer. The support and comfort of each bed is similar, shaping to your body's weight and figure.

Consumers will realise the unique benefits of sleeping on air. No two people sleep alike. Innersprings can be comfortable for one partner but not the other. Our unique air system allow you to customise the firmness level of your mattress by using our convenient push button hand held remote control. The mattress can be made as soft or as firm as required.

Air Beds are individually adjusted to suit each figure and weight. Within seconds the firmness levels can be adjusted to your own personal preference. Our dual mattress adjustability offers sleeping partners the freedom to customise their individual side of the mattress without affecting their partner's side. Your preferred setting can be recalled by simply setting the 'memory' button on your control. A perfect bed for both partners.

Air beds are medically better to sleep on. Not having dust mites is a healthy advantage over innerspring mattresses, which house millions of dust mites causing health problems to 10% of Australians.

Air Beds have no Pressure Points similar to a waterbed.

Air Bed Construction

The foam industry in Australia today produce products that are of world class. All airbeds use foam rails around the outside of the bladder and inside the cover. The air bladders give its shape. The foam rails are crucial, and must be manufactured to withstand the pressure of sitting on the sides for years.

Air Bed Pty Ltd uses Dunlop Foams(external link), a recipient of many industry awards.

The Airbed has a pump, which fills the Air Bladder. The two hand held wired remotes feature numbers from 0 - 50.

The benefits of using an airbed mattress

The Airbed bladders are made of high quality rubber. Made of natural rubber, the anti-mould air bladders provide comfort and support. No pressure points allows the proper circulation which in turn reduces 'tossing and turning' during the night. Other manufacturers may use a Urethan Bladder.

The hoses of the Airbed are made of reinforced tube with brass attachment to the bladder. Other manufacturers may use a synthetic hose.

The ultra quite pump and digital wired remote controls allow individual comfort levels for each person. The two hand held wired remotes feature numbers from 0 - 50.

The "Luxury Support" Pump has been used in Airbeds sold in Canada and America since the late 1980's.

Air Bed Benefits

Similar to a waterbed, the Air Bed has several medical advantages over other mattresses.

The products do not harbour dust mites. 10% of the Australian population suffers from Asthma.

Airbeds reduce pressure points, so no more tossing and turning each night.

Get a quality night sleep. Number of retail stores are now selling airbeds.